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Entrepreneurial Leadership and the Not-so-new Economy

The “information age” has brought about significant changes in our economy. But the way we structure and lead organizations has changed very little. As businesses grow, they usually gravitate towards an industrial model of leadership believing it to be the only way to control operations as they scale while also managing risk. In this workshop, we “deconstruct” the difference between “Industrial Leadership” and “Entrepreneurial Leadership”. We discuss how you can structure your teams and your organization to get the benefits of an entrepreneurial, innovative culture that is critical to success in our current economy, even as your business scales. And we introduce the idea that entrepreneurial leadership requires building and manage diverse teams.

Change Management: Change is the new normal.

Whether it’s a new technology, business model, client, boss, or level of responsibility, your business and your career path will continue to evolve every day. There is always an opportunity to do things differently and (hopefully) better – endless possibilities to evolve as fast as the world around you. Yet change is intimidating. And even when you want to make change happen, it is hard to know where to start or how to align your team or your organization to pull in the same direction.  To effect change, you need to take risks and get comfortable with not knowing and not always being in control of the future. 

In this workshop, we discuss the skills you need to be an effective change agent, how to craft a compelling vision, enroll others to get involved in what you have underway, and make sure you are course correcting in the right direction.