For women leaders


The Power of a Personal Brand:  Companies invest a large amount of resources developing their brands because they understand how critical branding is to the success of their business. Yet, individuals often think that developing a personal brand is more marketing fluff than substantive value. Whether you work for a company, are building your own startup, or are developing your own business offerings, developing your own personal brand is critical to your success. This is true now more than ever before as our communication pathways get more congested and it becomes harder and harder to differentiate the work that you do from all the other people who do this same thing. In this talk, I explain what a personal brand is, why it's important, and what makes a powerful brand. And I let you in on a secret - you already have one, whether you know it or not. It just might be a brand you don’t want.


Networks and Networking:  “What got you here isn’t what’s going to get you there.”  People sometimes believe that working hard is what gets them ahead – and that’s true for part of your career journey. But as you rise inside or outside of an organization, in addition to working effectively, you also need to have built up a strategic network.  Why?  Because in today’s highly complex world, no one can drive strategic change on their own.  Executives need to be able to leverage the power of a strategic network to really bring value to their organizations and their clients.  In the first part of this workshop, we discuss why we find “networking” challenging, and how to use the habit loop to overcome those challenges.  Then we go into more detail about how to think about networking and who to think about networking with.